The Business Lens You Look Through

~Is More Important To Understand Than Your Personality Type

The Tail That Wags The Dog

You probably know what your personality type is. Perhaps you’re an ENTP. In the Kolbe world, maybe you’re an Implementor. You know your DISC profile reveals you have a “high D” style. But none of these tools–as good as they are (and we’re fans of them all)–pulls back the curtain on your entrepreneurial bias. We call this your eDNA.

Discover your eDNA right now

Over 220,000 entrepreneurs have learned what their eDNA superpower is…and also when their Kryptonite will make itself a problem.

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The Accelerator eDNA Assessment

Your eDNA profile has a greater impact on your business success than your personality ever will.  While your eDNA is similar in many respects to your personality—regardless of your results (MBTI, DISC, Kolbe, StrengthsFinder, etc.)—they are not the same.

Of all the great profiles and insightful assessments you’ve taken, none of the others will help you finally understand—at a core level—the natural giftedness that has powered your success up to this point.

More importantly, none of the others reveals your “kryptonite”—the natural barrier you didn’t know you have. And it’s that kryptonite that’s getting in your way.

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The Business Lens You Look Through



Curious How Your eDNA Lens Both Empowers & Limits You?

Hey, we understand that! Click on the button to coordinate with our calendar to schedule a call with us. We come unarmed. We’ll talk for maybe ~45 minutes, to learn more about what’s going well for you as well as what’s getting in your way, Join the 225K+ entrepreneurs who have already cracked their eDNA code.

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