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We help frustrated business owners and entrepreneurs—CRACK THE CODEso they bust through their revenue plateau.

A bonus is discovering how they got stuck in the first place, so they never get stuck again.

Our Three Pillars

01. Purpose Driven

It’s not “woo-woo territory” to recognize that most businesses, whether they’re made up of a sole proprietor or hundreds of people, hit a plateau. While this is incredibly predictable, it still sucks.

No business is the same as another because the person (or persons) in it are not the same. However, there are common threads to all of them. Obviously, those threads aren’t always defined as infrastructure, P&E, KPIs, etc. They might be. But that pesky plateau isn’t tied to them.

Businesses, big and small, stall out because of something not-so-obvious. You’ve heard that saying, “What got you where you are isn’t going to get you where you want to be”?

By the time your company stalls out, the odds are high that your skillsets and knowledge base are very high. Great, in fact. So, what gives?

Well, when was the last time you took time out of your business to work on your business? Looking at the pieces of your business…what needs to go…what needs to begin…where are we winning… where are we wasting time and money?

That all ties back to your purpose. So that’s where we start.

02. Academy

acad·​e·​my | \ ə-ˈka-də-mē

An academy is a place of learning, with several nuances that are super important:

  1. the school for advanced education
  2. a society of learned persons organized to advance art, science, or literature
  3. a body of established opinion widely accepted as authoritative in a particular field

Our academy is built on the foundational principle that what you don’t know you don’t know can hurt you. Even in business. Particularly in business.

However, a lot of businesses are launched on the power of a vision. In other words, they are not hatched in a business incubator by a team from Harvard Business School.

So, these kind of businesses reach initial success on the power of grit, sleepless nights, low profits, and trail and error.

We know there’s a better way. And there are loads of business gurus available. But what they don’t know they don’t know is that until you know what your entrepreneurial DNA is (yes, it’s a thing) your chances of success may actually diminish over time. And the result of that looks just like a revenue plateau.


03. Origins Matter

Our Founder, Joel Lund, has been a (flailing) lifelong entrepreneur, starting with his paper route in 7th grade—which didn’t go very well.

Eventually, he ended up in the financial services sector, bringing months of experience selling, ahem, bicycles. So it was quite a surprise when he ended up getting promoted to District Manager in just 16 months. That happened because his little, rural district went from off the radar to the top 1% (out of ~400 districts) in just 3 years. Because of that success he was promoted again, this time to Managing Principal. In that role, he received many company awards and, notably, international management awards—even during the Great Recession. However, all that work with all that pressure led to burnout and health risks.

So, he busted out on his own, confident he could leverage all that success into a new coaching and consulting business. Splat.

In the years since, he’s learned how to apply his previous success to diverse industries by earning 4 certifications to add to his experience. Plus, he’s partnered with many trusted experts in the core areas for scaling businesses.

As a result, we’re equipped to help you avoid the “can’t miss” and “works every time” strategies. Instead, you’ll have your way


We’re ready to help you breakthrough. Are you?

Proven Success

The Numbers

For obvious reasons, we’re not at liberty to post specific results for the companies we’ve worked with to date. What we can share with you is that the growth experienced within 6 months of working together generally delivers a revenue amount they are more than happy with.

Just like growing your business this far, breaking through the plateau requires focus, commitment and time. Our role is to 1) get you beyond the stuck point and 2) help you lock down the habits and insights to accelerate your new revenue growth.


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