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A SALES FUNNEL that starts with a quiz that asks someone a series of questions to deeply understand their situation… before offering your product or service.


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The Massive Power
of Quiz Funnels

Quiz Funnels connect with your audience in a more powerful way than any other marketing method…

Huge Numbers of Targeted Leads,
With High Conversions, 
At Low-Cost, That Are Easily Scalable


Quizzes go viral


Quizzes build trust


Quizzes individualize


Quizzes are fun


Quizzes fascinate us


Quizzes help us learn

We've Got Good News, And We've Got Weird News

Would it be a lot easier to make sales to people who TOLD YOU what they most wanted?

Could you grow much faster if your business was getting up to 500% more leads?

How much more fun and profitable would it be to send emails to happy subscribers if you already knew EXACTLY which pain points you could immediately help them with?

Lots? Or maybe even: lots, lots, and more LOTS?

Wondering about the good news? You can do all of this with one, simple and powerful marketing hack.

And the weird news? You do this the same way you find out what 90s pop song you are or what parenting style is best for you.

Here’s why…

Most Shared


Quizzes Are Insanely Effective…

The Most Shared NYT Article Ever… A Quiz.

Nope, the #1 article wasn’t a deeply researched expose about a world leader. And it wasn’t a juicy bit of celebrity gossip. Not even about an up-and-coming politician.

None of these. It was a quiz about… how people talk. Seriously.

200 Million Visitors…to Just 4 Quizzes

BuzzFeed cranked up over 200 million page views from a mere four (4!) viral quizzes.

Quiz versus SEO…which looks better to you?

But We’re Just Getting Started…


Maybe you’re thinking…”Isn’t that enough? 500% more leads and 200 million page views seems pretty good to me.” 

Well, yes…but…

That’s them.

So, imagine what a quiz can do for your sales funnel. 

Hard to imagine? No worries. We’ll help! 😏


Strategy Consultant

Imagine a career consultant driving prospects to a quiz, and then immediately showing them a solution tailored like a custom, boutique suit, based on their answers.

Want to stop overthinking your best career path? Take this quiz to find out how…

Imagine marketing specialists breaking into a new niche. You ask a few questions on your squeeze page and, BOOM, you don’t just have “a list.” You’ve got a multi-targeted, segmented group of people who have told you what they’re ready to buy.

Marketing Specialists
Pet Sitter

Imagine a pet sitter setting up a viral quiz that shows pet owners what kind of personality their pet has, and exactly how much that factors into a customized pet-sitting plan for their beloved pet.

Suppose that might place this company at the top of the “Who are we going to call to care for Muffin when we’re gone?” list?

Case Studies of Quizzes

“What’s Your Actual Age?” Quiz

More than 40 MILLION people have taken Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen’s “Real Age Test.”

“Discover Your Strengths” Quiz

More than 13 MILLION have taken the Strengthsfinder quiz.

“What’s Your Personality?” Quiz

More than 50 MILLION people have discovered where they land on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator matrix…through a simple quiz.

But There’s a Problem With Quizzes

Not All Quiz Apps Are Built The Same...

Most quiz apps are the “just for fun” kind, so they don’t get serious about what you—the marketer, the consultant, the pet sitter—really need.

In other words, they don’t give you a way to set up multiple paths. Think back to the career consultant. If their first quiz question is “Are you looking for a career change or improve the one you’re in?”, do you really think they’ll want to follow up that question with only one set of follow-up questions? Nope. But with some quiz apps, that’s all you’ll be able to do. Either the quiz deals with people interested in career change or it answers the questions of those wishing to improve the career they’re in.

They don’t allow you to segment your leads. “Well, what’s that mean?” Great question! Wouldn’t you rather send your offers only to your most targeted leads? Instead of being stuck sending everyone everything every time…while annoying a big chunk of them in the process?

They don’t allow you to integrate your quizzes with your other tech, like your CRM, autoresponders, etc. Not cool.

They can’t tell you what your traffic is worth. Ouch. Successful businesses fixate on their ROI. The goal, obviously, is to spend less on each click than you’re making from them. Right? So you’d like to believe that most quiz apps could tell you how much those clicks are worth. Again…nope. Really not cool.


PDA Quiz Funnels

Welcome to PDA Quiz Funnels, where quizzes make money.

Transform your traffic into leads, and then convert those leads into loyal, lifetime customers and clients using our quizzes…in 4 easy steps.

I. Trigger The Click

A visitor discovers your Quiz. Their curiosity triggers the click. And they begin their buyer’s journey on the path you brought to them. Magic!

II. Capture the Easy Opt-In

Your Quiz-taking visitor becomes a subscriber by entering their email address so they can see their Quiz results. Doubled Magic!

III. Deliver Your Offer

Your brand new lead gets your optimized offer, perfect for them, based on their Quiz responses. Amazing, isn’t it?

IV. Your Raving Fans

All of your new customers and leads are automatically segmented based on their Quiz responses. And…you continue to offer them hyper-targeted products and services. Imagine…the right offers to the right people, every time. Happy dance!

Whatever Kind of Quiz You Need, We Can Build It For You

Quizzes For More Traffic

What Kind of Whisky Are You

Personality Quizzes

Hey, hey! What 90s pop song are you? What type of whisky? What GOT character are you?

Personality quizzes are hugely popular on the internet and super sharable. Our Quiz apps editors are powerful. We’ll help you design an amazing Quiz. Quickly.

Content Quizzes

In a pandemic-weary world, interactivity is in. Quizzes empower you to provide some of the most engaging and interactive content on the web. What’s not to love about that?

Did we mention that you can embed them? So, you just go ahead and put them in your social threads. Add them straight into your blog.

What Kind Of Chess Piece Are You
Viral Quiz

Viral Quizzes

Did you catch the part about…super sharable? We help you deliver built-in super-sharing power to pull in loads of people (and capture their email before showing them their results. Our Quiz apps editors are powerful. We’ll help you design amazing Quiz funnels. Quickly.

Quizzes For More Leads

Trivia Quizzes

Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes give your visitor a chance to win based on scoring. So these quizzes are fantastic for becoming viral traffic magnets but also lead generation.

Only score 3 out of 7 on our “Seven Things To Do Before You Buy Your Next House Quiz”? Download this free report…

Lead Segmentation Quizzes

Pop quiz! 😉 What’s better than a lead list? A targeted lead list! Use a quiz on your optin page to discover what micro-niche every one of your leads go into—segmenting them so you can super-target your emails, offers, campaigns, nurturing, etc. Kapow!

Lead Segmentation
Opt-In Quiz

Opt-In Quizzes

A “simple quiz” doesn’t equal a simplistic quiz. Sometimes it’s the simple quiz that wins the day. Use a quiz to get your prospects to tell you their pain points. Then redirect them to a second, simple optin quiz tailored to it. This is intelligent marketing. Grow your list even faster!

Quizzes For More Sales

Sales Quizzes

Sales Quizzes

PDA Quiz Funnels use branching logic and out come redirects, so you’re able to filter your leads and send them precisely to the offer best suited for them. Happier customers! Better conversions! More profit!

Consultancy Quizzes

Consultants tired of dealing with “tire-kickers” use quizzes to filter out the genuinely interested from the forever undecided. Add a quiz funnel to discover who will be a good fit before investing your time. Get your valuable time back!

Consultancy Quizzes
Pass-Fail Quizzes

Pass/Fail Quizzes

This type of quiz looks and feels more like a test, which—weirdly—is what makes them attractive to the right people. When you want to make sure people are qualified for your offer, this is an excellent way to confirm they are. Perfect for high-ticket offers!

Affiliate Quizzes

You don’t have to choose which product in your niche to promote. Because you can promote EVERYTHING. Set up your quiz to discover what your leads are really looking for, then aim them right at it. Your leads get a tailored recommendation based on the intel you gather from your quiz. And that equals more commissions to you. Woot!

Affiliate Quizzes

The Best Time To Begin Accelerating Your Lead Generation Is Always NOW…

And With PDA Quiz Funnels It’s Never Been Easier!

PDA Quiz Funnels

Because PDA Quiz Funnels are simple and fast to set up it’s really hard NOT to transform leads into more sales and happy customers.

Until now, being able to wave the magic wand of quizzes into your business has only been available to companies with budgets big enough to support them.

But with PDA Quiz Funnels, you can get in on the magic, too.

Here’s What You Get:

☑ Quiz branching

☑ Weighted answers

☑ Auto-Tagging

☑ Segmentation

☑ Custom redirects

☑ Image questions

☑ CTAs

☑  Social shares

☑ Real analytics

☑ Zapier integration (if needed)

☑ Loads of creative control

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers…

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